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15 years of Excellent Service
Here at A&G Machining LLC, we know everything that's needed to make a machine shop successful. From simple machining services to actual metal design framework, we can definitely help you out. One of our key advantages is the sheer passion for design. We treat every project as a puzzle that must be solved - a real creative challenge! Through a proper combination of creativity, professionalism, discipline, and a high sense of innovation, we managed to successfully complete many, many projects in the past years. To deal with our constantly growing clientele, we have further improved the caliber of our CNC services. Customer care is also one of our strong points. We truly care about the service requests of our customers, and we're always keen to fulfill their needs. Another thing that we truly ensure is the 100% uptime of our communication lines. Whenever you have concerns and service questions, you can reach us anytime you want. Most of our clients are pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing plants, automotive, and heavy operations companies. 

"A&G Machining started as a need to leave the endless meetings and cut throat politics of corporate America, to focus on the simple pleasure of completing one job at a time, and doing it well. That principle and attention to detail has created a foundation for a thriving small business in today's economy.

Other companies may offer similar products, but our services come with a personal touch."  - Mark Paskovich
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Mark Paskovich, Manager

Raised by Andrew and Gloria in a middle class family with 9 children, Mark found his calling early. Attending a vocational high school, he discovered an interest, and learned the basic machining skills, that would develop into a fulfilling career and lifelong passion.

Taught from a young age that respect is earned and quality speaks louder than words, all A&G finished products are inspected by Mark before packaged and shipped, or hand delivered.